A Well Organized Essay

If you wrote an essay saying you know I used to be let me tell you about myself my name is you know Joe Blow and let me tell you about a very unusual transformative experience I used to be a vegetarian and then and then I got tired of people making fun of me and I stopped I stopped being a vegetarian and I really learned to love me okay that’s a very dangerous Harvard Business School essay you might get rejected for that is he do you understand my poem that’s possible and you might get in like this candidate well she didn’t she didn’t she didn’t she didn’t write the whole essay about making fun of vegetarians all right she to make fun of vegetarians but it had the same punchline of choosing to learn to love meat. Find out how a well organized essay looks like at Edusson.

I mean she probably loved I mean I love meat so I don’t really blame her for sticking to being a mediator did you mention that in your interview that I love me yeah it didn’t come up but if that was a site let me say something friend can see it’s a good thing it didn’t okay do you want to deal with the architect or the author the author is well lit will do Twitter with the architect the the author is the last essay in the book it’s just a terrific essay it’s about a woman who self-published a novel and then use that as the stepping off point for three other accomplishments in real life it’s well organized it’s well written it’s no surprise that she’s an author so she if you want to read a really great essay you might start at the end and read the author s it okay so tell us about this architect daresay do you remember this yeah yeah I remember that so what aspect you want talk abut so it takes place what chicago starts not sir Cinna yeah.

So she’s an architect she paints a picture of a cold day in Chicago on her way to work and then it leads to a very frightening moment of having to partake in some scaffolding and the fear it’s a requirement it’s a certificate requirement yeah I have to do a scaffold inspection yeah as an architect and so she went through with the process was scared during the process and then goes in to discuss things well she gave her good reasons why she was scared it’s you have to go up on a scaffold and it takes like two and a half hours you’re on a scaffold with two other people like a technician or a bricklayer and you have to inspect the building and write notes at each floor about what’s wrong so if you have a fear of heights you are going to be up on a scaffold which is pretty scary for two and a half hours so she does a great job of doing that and after that it’s kind of over you go.