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High Demand for Grads From Ultrasound Schools 

The U.S. Department of Labor says that ultrasound school graduates are part of the top 16 most sought after professionals in the nation today. By 2014, the ultrasound technician demand will increase by another 35%, (that’s 15,000 new Ultrasound or Sonogram technician jobs).

Ultrasound diagnostics will play one of the leading roles in the early prevention of injury and disease. This coupled with the significant advances in technology and political focus on healthcare reform makes the environment ripe for those interested in developing their skills today.

We’ve gathered an impressive list of the leading educational programs offering Sonography and the various new disciplines of digital imaging so learn more about what this exciting field has in store for you.

Earning Potential Through Online Degree Programs 

Did you know that with a Bachelor’s degree, your earning potential actually increases by an average of 98% More Per Year vs., those who have not completed their college degree? Those with more ambitious goals who complete advanced on-line programs such as an online Master’s degree earn up to 170% More Per Year. The earning gap continues to widen as more people find that getting the education they need to advance professionally is easier when they can choose the most convenient times, and even the pace in which to explore their course material, by completing their education online.