Avoid Writing Too Much

First of all avoid writing too much it is difficult to eliminate students usually don’t understand what is odd what they don’t need they not they are not pitiless enough yes to cut from the overall word count so what I recommend is what I have told you before use calculations avoid writing too much if you know you have to write 150 words for that section don’t write 300 because that will be a great waste of time to repeat that again to try to make it show that you shouldn’t think on making anything shorter because you should know from the very beginning that you can devote only this number of words to this section that is it from the very beginning you should know how much you should have to cover this or that question when you start with a good outline in your head with oil in your paper you will never end up having too much okay.

Try adding a sentence interpreting showings relevance of cetaceans yes so now all the tips will be on how to make it longer yes when you have a citation you can dwell about it some more yes you can add another sentence paraphrasing it and beating about the bush make sure you have a concluding sentence in each paragraph a paragraph cannot finish with a citation it can actually but it is not very good and some points may be distracted for that try to think what you communicate at what you told in the paragraph and add a concluding sentence that apart that’s part of a an essay structure which you should follow at roadmap what is the road map this is something you run in the introduction you write what the paper will deal with sometimes students think that a road map is a scissor statement yes for example they say that in this essay I will consider the effect of TV on children that is a road map but that is not a theory statement as we have took into considerations all our thesis statements how they can look like and now we understand that a road map is not a thesis statement.

What you can include in the road map to make the word count longer you can say I will start from when you have for example a problem-solution essay yes you can say I will start from the consideration of the problem and the province of the problem and then I will consider a different types of solutions identifying their drawbacks therefore I will give a solution which is the best option for this problem I hope you have understood and you would see the difference between a road map and Caesar statement see the statement is a must in an asset you should have a road map is something additional which you can use to expand the work out you may have it you may not had it depends on your choice it depends on how long your introduction is if your introduction is already 10% of the paper then you don’t have any space for a road map do not include it if you still have some space please you’re welcome.