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Education: Is There More Than Teaching?

There’s a common misconception that the only thing a person can do with an Education degree is teach.  In fact, there are many career paths one can take with a degree in Education.  Here are a few:

Education Administrator

Education administrators manage the day-to-day activities in educational institutions such as schools, daycare centers, and colleges and universities.  They provide instructional leadership; develop academic programs; direct educational programs such as job training in businesses, museums, and correctional institutions; and hire and supervise all staff members in their schools such as teachers, counselors, coaches, librarians, and more.

Education administrators are found at all levels of the educational system.  Examples include:

  • Principals and assistant principals in elementary, middle, and secondary schools.
  • Provosts, chief academic officers, academic deans, academic department heads, and student affairs directors in colleges and universities.
  • Administrators in school district offices.

Curriculum Specialist

Curriculum specialists, also known as instructional coordinators or staff development specialists, are responsible for improving the quality of education in a classroom.  They develop curricula; select teaching materials, including textbooks and technology; train instructors; and assess the quality of educational programs and whether they meet regulations and standards.


Librarians assist people in finding information by a number of media forms, including books, internet, videos, and more.  Most librarians incorporate three aspects of library work into their jobs: user services, technical services, and administrative services.  Librarians constantly interact with people, analyze their needs, and teach people the skills they need to access the information they seek.  They need to be informed about the latest technology and books, and they need to pay great attention to detail as they research facts and organize library materials.

Some of these jobs require certification testing or licensing, depending on the type and location of the job.  However, many of these jobs require a master’s or doctoral degree in education.  As you can see, teaching is not the only option available to those interested in pursuing an education degree.  The education administrator, curriculum specialist, and librarian careers are a few of the many options available to advanced degree holders.  Consider taking an online degree program and get your master’s in education!

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