Smart Words In College Essay

I think that’s important too don’t feel like you have to use words that you don’t normally have me kind of tell when people are like oh and then my day was super the fatalistic sialidosis because then it just sounds unnatural with part of the storytelling process is using your voice as a storyteller and that’s another piece that makes it kind of beautiful to read each one of these essays right I think the who you are is gonna come out of your story you don’t have to sit down write about who you are tell the story and then that’s going to convey your triumph for your success and don’t hide away from success like that’s a good thing. Find out more about that on

But don’t directly write about that write about what you did don’t write about how you felt about it or your personality or something like that you know write just write the story and it is gonna come come out in a more subtle and powerful way than just writing you know I like community service I did this community service and I did this many hours and I came home at one o’clock in the morning whatever and you tell your story and it is gonna come out yeah I think it is important to keep in mind that when we are reading a request for an application we will have already seen all of your work experience your volunteer activities your extracurricular activities already listed so we know how many hours a week you are devoting to each of these activities so in your essay and they use that as a space to expand upon one or two activities that you are really passionate about or that you really want us to know more about rather than just you know reiterating and relisting everything that you have already listed in your application yeah.

I really agree with that you know you see a lot of essays often where you know you might be writing about the different you know how you are challenging yourself in your classes your senior year but that’s information that we’ve already read and another part of the application to use the essays that are you know a part of your application to talk about something new or to really expand in depth on something you know that you don’t think you’ve been able to talk about fully before and to Bill’s point about you know not using birds that you are not familiar with yeah it is like don’t don’t use it thesaurus for every single word in your essay it is very very apparent and it takes away from your story can I like do feel proud about your accomplishments because you should it is it is why we do things so feel good about it and have that positive energy carry you through the process okay so the next question is it is kind of two parts so we’ll split it up the first one.